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Lightweight & Residential
Ideal Roofing’s steel roofing panels will usually be appropriate and fitting for most architectural styles.

Designed and developed in Canada to resist one of the world’s harshest climates and most extreme variations of temperature, Ideal Roofing’s long-length steel roofing panels are custom-cut to lengths up to 40 feet, fastened and secured from ridge cap to eave, often in one single sheet to minimize the number of seams and joints and the risk of water leakage.

Ideal Roofing’s steel panels are precisely engineered to prevent water infiltration with a unique anti-siphon overlapping design to withstand torrential rains, blowing snow, freezing rain and strong winds, and to resist punctures from falling branches and flying debris, hot burning embers, sparks blowing out of your fireplace chimney and the punishment of the baking hot summer sun.

With fewer joints than conventional roofing materials, advanced-technology metal roofing fasteners and proper installation procedures, steel roofing is definitely a worry-free long-lasting roofing solution.

Because of their excellent property to shed snow, steel roofing panels are the ideal roofing material for isolated summer homes and cottages.

With steel roofing, snow never builds up, sliding off the roof when the weather turns milder, preventing water infiltration from melting snow and ice in the Spring, a common occurrence with other types of roofing.

Steel roofing thus prevents heavy snow loads and collapsing roofs, and the need to come out in the middle of Winter to shovel the snow from the roof, creating yet further puncture hazards.
Steel Building 
Ideal Roofing’s new Monteciano steel roofing tiles are stamped in their traditional barrel-vault shape in a single operation giving them additional strength, yet are 60 percent lighter than asphalt shingles and 95% lighter than authentic clay, slate or cement tiles. They are strong enough to walk on, while being more resistant than asphalt, cedar shakes and aluminum roofing.

As all other Ideal Roofing steel roofing products, our Mediterranean style Monteciano steel roofing tiles have the unquestionable advantage of being long-lasting. They will not deteriorate, warp, crack, break, chip, peel or perforate under normal use and weather conditions. When properly installed and fastened, our panels will resist rain, sleet, snow, wind, sun and even burning embers from forest fires.

Our steel tiles are protected by our proven oven-baked Polyvinyledene Fluoride (PVDF) paint system with Kynar 500® resin and the most advanced "Cool Roof®" solar reflection technology ensuring exceptional protection from solar radiation and reducing the cost of summer air-conditioning.
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